May 16

“Bay Area Bash” Coaster Event at California

Brent and I attend's California Great America portion of the "Bay Area Bash" event. The event actually consisted of three parks but we just went one day. We had a fun day of ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) on Vortex, Flight Deck, Drop Tower, and Survivor. We had a catered lunch and a backstage tour of the park which consisted of the maintence facilities and close up of Flight Deck. After the park, we ate a Mexican dinner at La Paloma in Santa Clara.


  • Ericka and Alan

  • Brent and I along with Ericka and her friend

  • Survivor was a new ride for me.

  • Antonio, ?, and Ericka on Drop Tower.

  • Time to ride Psycho Mouse.

  • In Camp Snoopy.

  • Waiting in line for The Grizzley which opened later that day.

  • Ericka on the Survivor pole.

  • Taking Eagle's Flight across the park

  • Brent riding Flying Eagle, an old school ride.

  • Brent steering his 'plane'.

  • The gang heading out for our backstage tour.

  • Repainting carousel horses backstage.

  • A Demon coaster train in the maintenance facility.

  • Ericka about to get hit by a Psycho Mouse coaster car.

  • Backstage by the Flight Deck coaster.

  • Ericka taking photos by the overwater helix.

  • The vertical loop on Flight Deck.

  • Love the gold vein mirrors on the carousel.

  • Dinner at La Paloma in Santa Clara.

Waiting in line for the Vortex - Photo by Robb Alvey:

Group photo backstage by Flight Deck - Photo by Robb Alvey: