May 21

Broken Bells Concert

Brent, Joy, Mary, Toby and I see the group "Broken Bells" perform at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. After work on Friday, we all head up to San Francisco and meet up at Sudachi Sushi for dinner before the show. We arrived early to get good seats upstairs and a round of drinks. The opening act was Morning Benders. After a short intermission Broken Bells performs songs from their only release. The music was good and the crowd mellow. After the concert we dropped Brent to his car at the Bart station. It was a fun night we should do it all again soon!

Broken Bells is an indie-pop collaboration between James Mercer of The Shins and DJ Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse. The resulting fusion of electronic wizardy and emotive indie-rock has been the delight of fans since ethe band formed.

  • Brent, Joy and Mary at Sudachi Sushi.

  • Alan and Brent.

  • Are we on fire?

  • At the Regency ballroom, sitting upstairs.

  • Toby and Alan.

  • Is everyone texting on their phone?

  • The opening act: Morning Benders.

  • James Mercer singer of Broken Bells.

  • Broken Bells perform at the Regency Ballroom.