May 22

Colin’s 3rd Birthday

We celebrate Colin's upcoming birthday in Fremont. We meet up at the house then head over to Tipico in Union City for lunch. We then head over back to my brother's home to open up gifts and have cake. Colin got numerous gifts but his favorite was his bow and arrow set. Happy Birthday Colin!

  • Colins a big fan of Thomas the Train.

  • Colin poses in the backyard.

  • Smile for the camera.

  • Mom, Toby and Colin play ball.

  • Andrew and his son.

  • Dad, me, Mom and Janell at Tipico restaurant.

  • How's your margarita??


  • Shall we get you your own margarita Colin?

  • Colin hidden in a sea of balloons.

  • Is that a singing fish?

  • Gifts: Peez, stickers, and a Mr. Potato Head.

  • His first bow and arrow set.

  • Happy Birthday to you!

  • Lolo helps his grandson with his new bow and arrow.

  • Shoot for the sky!

  • Look at that form!