June 5

Mom’s 70th Birthday Celebration

We celebrate Mom's 70th Birthday with dinner at Elephant Bar in Fremont. Afterwards we spend the evening at my brother's home where we do cake and open gifts. The following day my parents are off to a week long vacation on the Kona Coast of the Big Island. Happy Birthday Mom and ALOHA....

  • Mom and Dad at the Elephant Bar restaurant in Fremont.

  • Andrew and his sons: Cedric and Colin.

  • Drink time! Alan and his Mai Tai

  • Alan and Rose.

  • Alan and Colin.

  • Mom and her birthday ice cream at the restaurant.

  • Pretty gladiolus in Andrew's backyard.

  • Andrew and his archery shrine.

  • Pretty day liliies in Andrew's backyard.

  • Happy Birthday Mom!

  • The Family!

  • Mom opening her gifts and cards.

  • I give my mom the Laura Bush biography.

  • Bird brain!?!