June 11

Stephanie’s Birthday

We have an early celebration for Stephanie's upcoming birthday later this month. After work we all gather at her home on a warm afternoon in Sunnyvale. Julie picks pizza at Papa Murphy's for dinner. Kelly bakes a wonderful chocolate cake. Stephanie and Bryan made some tasty sashimi and fish appetizers. We had a fun evening with friends, food and fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH!

  • Alan and a cranberry vodka.

  • Stephanie and Sunny.

  • Louie, Alan, Kelly and Felicia.

  • Alan and Toby.

  • Julie and Alan

  • Louie and Sunny.

  • It's pizza time.

  • Louie and the birthday girl.

  • Brandon playing on the Wii.

  • Happy Birthday to Steph.

  • Stephanie slicing the cake.

  • The gang!