June 26 - 28

Fred’s Birthday Weekend

Toby and I drive south to Los Angeles to attend Fred's birthday party. While in the LA area we visit the J.Paul Getty Museum and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Day 1 - Saturday, June 26 - Hollywood

We leave Menlo Park promptly at 8am and hit the road south to the Los Angeles area. We take 152 to I-5 through the Central Valley up the Grapevine to LA. We luckily hit no traffic even in the LA area. We arrived in Hollywood around 2pm. We first stopped at the Hollywood & Highland center home to the Kodak Theater and Grauman's Chinese Theater and checked out the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the hand prints in front of Grauman's. We then checked into our hotel, Le Parc Suites Hotel. We quickly changed and hit the pool located on the roof top. After a lite dinner we walk over to Fred's party... PARTY TIME!

  • We see a strange 3wheeled bike before heading up the grapevine.

  • By the fountains in the Hollywood & Highland Center.

  • Toby at Hollywood & Highland.

  • In front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.

  • Marilyn Monroe was here!

  • Bette Davis Eyes!

  • Everyone loves Mickey Mouse!

  • Grauman's Chinese Theater as seen from across the street.

  • The Hollywood Sign as seen in the distance from the Center.

  • Toby at Hollywood & Highland.

  • I had to do a jumping picture here!

  • Time for a smoothie.

  • Room 114 at the Le Parc Suites Hotel.

  • The comfy king size bed.

  • No more lounge chairs by the pool!

  • Finally some people leave... we got lounge chairs.

  • Light dinner at the Knoll restaurant in the hotel.

  • Fred's party... Fred and Alan.

  • Toby and Fred.

  • Mark, Marc and Fred.

  • Antonio and Alan.

  • Toby, Blu and Antonio.

  • Fred and Tom

  • Alan and Toby.

  • All the 'mens' at the party.

  • Fred's friends.

  • Fred's friends..

  • Fred's friends..

  • Fred's friends..

  • Fred's friends..

Day 2 - Sunday, June 27 - Santa Monica

Sunday morning had an interesting start... we saw current American Idol winner Lee Dewyze in the lobby of our hotel!!! We then walked thru the Melrose Place farmer's market where we run into Fred. Fred later picks us up and we head over to the J.Paul Getty Museum up in the hills above Santa Monica. By this time the fog had lifted to clear blue skies above the Los Angeles basin. We quickly headed up to the Impression exhibit to see their Monet and Van Goghs, we then spent most of our time outside the museum and exploring the various gardens and outdoor art. After lunch in the cafeteria we head back to the hotel. Fred had to stop by the work for an hour. Toby and I hit the pool for a couple of hours before heading over to explore The Grove shopping area and the Farmer's Market. Later that evening we meet up with Fred again for a nice Japanese dinner at Koi Restaurant. Later that evening we walk over to the Boulevard for some yogurt!

  • Riding on the tram up the hill to the Getty.

  • Toby, Alan and Fred.

  • Toby by "Iris" by Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Monet's "Bridge Over the Water Lily Pond"

  • Fred by a painting by Camille Pissarro.

  • The view overlooking the LA basin.

  • Fred and Alan.

  • Toby and Alan.

  • Fred and Alan by the Central Garden.

  • Alan and Toby

  • FWEE!

  • Alan and Fred

  • Bouganvilla's climb up the steel tree trellis.

  • Fred and Toby by the Central Garden.

  • Toby by the cactus garden.

  • At the entrance to the museum.

  • Yes I'm wearing Speedos by the pool!

  • I hate tan lines!

  • More sun please!

  • At the Grove shopping center.

  • We roam through the Farmer's Market.

  • Toby by the dancing water fountains.

  • Getting ready for our dinner out at Koi.

  • At one of the outside booths at Koi Restaurant.

  • Toby and Fred at Koi.

  • Dessert at Yogurt Stop.

A view of the Central Garden at the J.Paul Getty Museum. (image opens in separate window, double click image in new window to view full size)

Day 3 - Monday, June 28 - Simi Valley

Monday morning we check out of the hotel early and drive over to Simi Valley to check out the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. This was our first visit to any Presidential Library. It was interesting to see a replica of the Oval Office and to see Air Force One, the official presidential plane that served various presidents. They also had other official vehicles used by Reagan during his term in office. After lunch we toured the hilltop grounds of the museum where they had a piece of the Berlin Wall.

  • A replica of the Oval Office during Reagan's term.

  • Air Force One.

  • By Air Force One before boarding.

  • A Presidential limo.

  • By the Presidential Seal.

  • A helicopter once flown from DC to Mexico.

  • About to board Air Force One.

  • A minature of the White House.

  • A section of the Berlin Wall.

  • A view of Simi Valley from the museum's hilltop location.

  • Ronald Reagan's grave site.

  • A fighter jet.