July 3

Gretchen & Joe’s BBQ

We're invited to a pre July 4th BBQ at Gretchen's home Burlingame. Gretchen's family and friends gathered for food, fun and friendship. Joe set up numerous fun activies in the backyard with games of skill from the hit NBC show "Minute to Win It". Joe barbequed hamburgers and hotdogs and made a delicious chili.... YUM! We had a great time... HAPPY 4th!

  • Joe balancing a ball on top of a tennis raquet at Bridget watches on.

  • Spencer with his uncle Toby.

  • Rob bounding ping pong balls into a small bowl of water... must get two in!

  • Toby's turn at the popular ping pong ball bounce.

  • Spencer successfully balances 6 wire hangers without tipping.

  • Moira and Toby.

  • Bill takes his turn at the ping pong balls.

  • Toby also successfully balances the wire hangers.

  • ... cause I'm proud to be an American...

  • Bill, Moira and Rob.

  • Joe BBQing hot dogs and hamburgers.

  • LOOK, Kathy got a ping pong ball in!

  • Gretchen and Bridget set up the food table.

  • Hamburger time!

  • Toby with his parents.

  • Moira, Gretchen and Toby.

  • Moira, Gretchen and Alan.

  • At the front of the house! HAPPY 4th of JULY!