July 10 - 11

Russian River Weekend

Friend's Ken and Sam invite us up for the weekend to their vacation home in Guerneville, California along the Russian River.

Toby and I drive up early Saturday morning stopping first at Korbel Winery just before entering Guernville. Their cozy multistory home on a hill overlooks the river valley. Once we unpacked we drove over toward the coast to the community of Duncan Mills where we had lunch at the Blue Heron. Afterwards we headed toward the coast along Highway One. We headed south then cut over the mountain on Coleman Valley Road passing quaint quiet towns. We then headed downtown Guerneville and walked along the old bridge over the Russian River. Later that afternoon we headed to the Triple R to go poolside and have some drinks while being entertained by drag queens! While at the Triple R we run into Ken and Sam's friends Tim and Jim. We invite them to join us for dinner later that eveing at the Village Inn Restaurant in Monte Rio. We were entertained by the fun cocktail waitress Karen. After dinner we had drinks at Tim & Jim's home near by.

Sunday morning we start the day slowly while watching the fog slowly burn off. Sam made a wonderful breakfast before we departed just before noon. Thanks Ken and Sam for inviting us to your wonderful vacation home, it's beautiful! We drove down hill and headed into Guerneville and headed to Johnson's Beach just to check it out. We found ourselves hanging out for a while catching some sun. We then wandered the shops and stores downtown along River Road buying souveniors. After shopping we headed out of town and stopped at the Martinelli Winery just before hitting highway 101 back home.

  • A fog shrouded Golden Gate Bridge as we head north into Marin County.

  • We stop at Korbel Champagne Cellars just outside Guerneville.

  • Toby by a 'ring' of redwood trees at Korbel.

  • Toby outside the Korbel winery.

  • By the picturesque gardens by the Korbel Summer home.

  • Outside the Korbel tasting room.

  • Fields of grapes framed by redwood forests in the Russian River valley.

  • Lunch at the Blue Heron in Duncan Mills.

  • Historic Duncan Mills is west of Guerneville.

  • Ken and Sam's cute dog, Milllie.

  • The coastline on Highway 1.

  • Historic Coleman Valley schoolhouse.

  • A relic sign from the 50's "Pink Elepahnt"

  • The Rio Theater in Monte Rio.

  • Not my usual height, the Old Bridge in Guerneville.

  • Johnson's Beach from the Old Bridge in Guerneville.

  • Outside Ken and Sam's home in Guerneville.

  • The pool at the Triple R during a performance.

  • A drag queen performs for the pool crowd at the Triple R.

  • Toby with our hosts, Sam and Ken.

  • Sam, Alan and Ken.

  • Alan ordering yet another Russian River Express!

  • Love the yellow balloon hat!

  • Toby relaxing at the Triple R.

  • Toby and Alan

  • In the kitchen ready for dinner.

  • Toby in the cozy warm kitchen.

  • Outside the Village Inn for dinner.

  • Ken, Jim, Tim, Karen, Sam, Alan and Toby.

  • Ken and Sam's living room.

  • The relaxing back deck of Ken and Sam's home.

  • We bid adieu to Sam and Ken on Sunday.

  • A row of rental canoes at Johnson's Beach.

  • Toby tests the cool waters of the Russian River.

  • It's nice outside, so we stay to catch a few rays.

  • Alan in the Russian River at Johnson's Beach.

  • We stop at Martinelli Winery on River Road.

  • Back to the fog as we head home.