July 17

Stephanie’s Bridal Shower

I attend Stephanie's bridal shower at her friend Linda's home in Atherton. Earlier I picked up Louie and Julie from the Menlo Park train station and we hung out at the cottage before heading over to Atherton. At Linda's home we met up with Stephanie, her mom and her friends for a nice afternoon of appetizers, margaritas and Mexican food. We then gathered for the opening of the gifts! Stephanie sure got a lot of 'spicy' gifts! Congratulations Steph on your upcoming wedding!

  • Sarah, Julie and Alan.

  • Stephanie, Louie and Julie.

  • The guys! Louie and Alan.

  • Socializing around the kitchen island.

  • Such cute little cup cakes with bikinis and margaritas.

  • Stephanie with her hosts, Kirsten and Linda.

  • Sarah, Michelle, Louie and Alan ready for dinner.

  • Stephanie and friends before dinner.

  • We all get these 'chili' gifts.

  • Louie and Alan.

  • Blue!

  • "Some Like it HOT!"

  • "Sexy little Bride!"

  • Lovin in the kitchen!

  • That a cocktail RIMMER??!

  • "Do Not DISTURB!"

  • Best SEX ever!