July 25

Kathy’s Birthday Celebration

We celebrate Kathy's birthday at Tim and Patty's home in San Carlos. It was a nice afternoon hanging out in the back patio snacking on sausages and sipping on white wine. Olivia and Emily made a delicious 'checkerboard' cake from scratch. For gifts, Olivia made a wind chime, Emily created a book on 'How to Braid your Hair'. Kathy got a silk scarf and some fun sandals from the Darcy's. The evening was fun and full of laughter... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY!

  • Olivia's birthday card.

  • Emily's birthday card.

  • Kathy and Toby.

  • Up in the tree house!

  • And now in the pool!

  • Dinner outside on the back patio.

  • Toby and Martha.

  • Kathy and Olivia and the checkerboard cake.

  • Olivia's wind chime gift.

  • Toby and Emily.

  • Emily's "How to Braid Hair" book.

  • Kathy reading her new book.

  • Look at these fun sandals!

  • Puff Puff goes Kathy.