August 13

The Blank Club

On Friday the 13th (of all nights), Brent, Joy, Mary, Toby and I go to the Blank Club to hear a couple of 80's cover bands: Erasure-esque (Erasure) and This Charming Band (The Smiths). We first met at La Vic's near San Jose State for a quick Mexican bite to eat. We then walk over to the Blank Club on 2nd street. We arrive early but glad we got a booth, we sat chatting and had a couple rounds of drinks while people trickled in. Erasure-esque was first on stage and they performed all those fun songs that we knew all the lyrics to. Next was This Charming Band, I only knew a few of The Smiths songs by heart (I thought I knew more!). We had a fun night which reminded me of the good ole days of live shows and clubs... ah memories.

  • Brent, Joy, Mary and Toby walking to The Blank Club downtown San Jose.

  • Joy, Mary and Brent.

  • Toby and Alan

  • In the glow of all the red light.

  • Erasure-esque on stage.

  • The lead singer of Erasure-esque.

  • More red light shots!

  • Alan, front row!

  • This Charming Band performs Smiths songs.

  • This Charming Band.

  • Brent, Joy and Alan.

  • This Charming Band.