September 26

Folsom Street Fair

Last minute change of plans for a nice warm Sunday... we attend the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. A huge fetish leather/rubber fest for adults. We haven't attended this event in years and the nice weather sure brought out a lot of skin, probably more than one would want to see! We ran into our friends at the BART on our ride up to the city. It was fun hanging out and checking out the scene. Afterwards we walked to San Francisco center for a quick bite before heading home.

  • Toby, Robert and David enter the Folsom St. Fair.

  • A typical outfit of leather and rubber.

  • One of the numerous flogging demonstrations.

  • The Mad Hatter and tweedle dee and tweedle dum.

  • The leather and tattoo crowd.

  • Porn star Philippe Ferro at the Titan booth.

  • Toby and Alan at the Folsom Street Fair.

  • FWEE

  • That is a cow tongue! gross!

  • The back side of one of the numerous porn stars throughout the fair.

  • Love the head dress.

  • Yet another porn star!