October 30

Olivia’s 11th Birthday

On the Saturday before Halloween we celebrate Olivia's 11th birthday (10/17). We thought it would be fun to dressup. I revived an old wizard outfit but added lights to my hat, and I finally wore my leather pants. Toby bought a new wig for his authentic hippie outfit. When we arrived in San Carlos, no one else was wearing a costume! Oh well! Martha then showed us her costume she bought while various wigs and masks suddenly appeared on people.

Happy 11th Birthday Olivia!

  • Toby the hippie and Alan the wizard with Fu Man Chu mustache

  • Can I be more purple?

  • Nice hair do Bill

  • Toby with his cop sister Martha

  • The birthday girl and Georgia eating caramel apples

  • Is that really Patty underneath that mask?

  • Olivia wearing the Murano glass bracelets we bought from Italy

  • Tim looks good as a blond? Don't you think?

  • My lit up hat!