October 31


Another year and a little older...

That afternoon we go for a walk along Sawyer camp trail in San Mateo. It was nice to get out into the fresh air and soaking in the sun. On our walk back we crossed a rattlesnake as it traveled across the path and a grazing deer.

Once back home we prepare for Halloween at Felicia and Eric's. I wear a different costume, a very old glittery vampire costume and Toby wore his hippie outfit. On our way up to the city we stop at Redwood Shores to visit family and show our costumes. Then we drive up to San Francisco for Felicia's Halloween birthday party at Eric's. Felicia's birthday was earlier that week. We had a fun time meeting new people and hanging out. Happy Birthday Felicia.

  • Crystal Springs Reservoir while on Sawyer Camp trail

  • Toby along Sawyeer Camp Trail

  • A rattlesnake crosses our path

  • A deer grazing on the slope next to the path

  • Alan reviving an old costume

  • Alan reviving an old costume

  • Toby the hippie

  • At Redwood Shores, Toby and Martha

  • Toby and Alan

  • Sheila, Martha, Alan, Toby and Jim

  • Toby and Kathy

  • In SF: Felicia and Alan

  • Eric and Felicia

  • Toby and Felicia

  • Is that Minnie and Mickey?

  • Felicia's birthday cake

  • I get to blow candles too!

  • Alan, Toby and Holly

  • Boo!