November 5

Florence + The Machine

On an exciting Friday night in Oakland (after they announced the Mehserle sentancing) Joy, Mary, Brent and I went to see the alternative band, Florence + The Machine. They performed at the Fox Theater in downtown Oakland. I've never been to a performance at this venue, an ornate Moorish inspired theater.

Earlier that evening I caught a ride with Joy and Mary from home in Menlo Park to Oakland where we meet up with Brent for dinner at Ozuma. After a nice contemporary Japanese dinner we walked to the theater to attend the sold out performance. We had seats second to the back row on the balcony, we couldn't have been any further from the stage. But the distance didn't matter, we had great time.

  • Joy, Alan and Mary at Ozuma in Oakland

  • The famed Fox Theater

  • Brent trying to avoid being captured in photo

  • The ornate interior of the Fox Theater

  • Florence + The Machine

  • Florence + The Machine