November 6

Impressionist Show at the deYoung

We see a special show of Impressionist paintings on exhibit from the Musée d'Orsey in Paris. Earlier that afternoon Kelly come over and we drive up to meet up with the gang at the museum at 2:15pm for our 2:30pm entrance. Toby, Kelly and I meet up with Julie and Bryan, Felicia and Eric, Matt and Sophia and their friends and co-workers. The exhibit focuses on the Post-Impressionist movement with Cezanne, Gaugin, Van Gogh and others.

After the exhibit we head over to the Castro for dinner at Fuzio before ending the evening having H.O.M.O Cosmos at Eureka Lounge.

My favorite piece by George Lemmen. I find this eerily haunting like a dream.

Paintings by Van Gogh and Gauguin

  • Toby at the deYoung

  • Alan at the deYoung

  • In the inner courtyard by the entrance of the deYoung

  • Julie and Brian give me a Buchart Gardens calendar

  • Hanging out at the deYoung after the exhibit

  • Everyone at Fuzio

  • Everyone at Fuzio

  • At Eureka Lounge, i'm having my H.O.M.O.

  • Julie and Brian at Eurka Lounge