December 18

Emily’s 9th Birthday

We celebrate Emily's 9th Birthday at Tim and Patty's home in San Carlos. This was our first time seeing their new dog "Red". The kids performed a skit with Charley being Santa while Spencer and Oliver were his 'bodyguards'. Emily loved the outfit we got for her present. Happy Birthday Emily!

  • Toby and Red

  • Snowmen while looking at the tree with special glasses

  • Emily's friendship bracelet.

  • Charley and Emily hamming it up

  • Emily in the stocking she came home in as a baby.

  • Alan and Red

  • Bill and a 'Santa' Red

  • Emily opening presents while Olivia and Charley watch

  • Emily's new winter coat from the Cernas.

  • Alan and Red

  • It's SANTA! Emily tells Santa her Christmas list.

  • Santa and his bodyguards

  • Red doing the dishes!

  • Emily gets a fashion sketch portfolio

  • We get Emily a sparkley outfit with a red sequin cap.

  • Alan and Emily

  • Emily showing off her new sparkley hat.