December 19

Holiday Gathering in San Martin

We have a holiday gathering at the Darcy's home in San Martin. We drive south during a stormy wet Sunday afternoon were the family met for fun times, crafts and wonderful food. For crafts we made little pipe cleaner reindeer with wine corks. Then we played a round of the 'newlywed' game. For dinner we all brought various dishes, Toby brought a salad. Steve and Martha made a delicious pork dish. After dinner came gift time! The kids each opened one gift before the adults did the gift exchange. Toby stole the car cleaning kit from Patty, and I stole the 'welcome' towels from Martha. We had a great time, thank you Martha, Steve and Cameron for hosting a fun holiday gathering.

  • Patty's new car.

  • Kathy and I are matching!

  • Cheers!

  • Emily wears the outfit Toby got her for her birthday.

  • Everyone concentrating on their reindeer craft.

  • My cork reindeer!

  • The kitchen was full of activity as our meal is getting prepared.

  • Toby by the Christmas tree.

  • Toby and Alan

  • Playing the newly wed game.

  • Playing the newly wed game.

  • Nice hat!

  • Pointsettas.

  • Moira and Emily

  • The girls table for dinner

  • The guys table for dinner

  • The kids before gift opening

  • The Darcy's give us a condiment server

  • Patty get's the bags that Toby purchased