January 9

Bill & Kathy’s 53rd Anniversary Dinner

We celebrate Bill & Kathy's 53rd Anniversary at Steve and Martha's home in San Martin. We started the evening playing games like Jenga and "Telephone". Soon it was dinner time where we had a wonderful steak and salad. Toby made a peanut butter pie and lemon cake for dessert. For an anniversary gift the family pitched in for a gel mat for the kitchen. Happy Anniversary Bill and Kathy!

  • The Happy Anniversary Pig in the kitchen

  • Time to play Jenga

  • Toby reading the paper

  • White wine anyone?

  • Taking a break in the kitchen for a photo op.

  • Smile for the camera

  • Oops a little boo boo on the thumb!

  • Happy Anniversary Bill and Kathy

  • The kids playing in the hallway

  • Toby cutting his lemon cake for dessert

  • Kathy opening up their anniversary present

  • Testing out the new gel mat