January 22

Sushi Sams

Post holiday dinner with friends! We decide to meet half way between the South Bay friends and the San Francisco friends... in the middle is San Mateo. We all felt like sushi so we picked one of the better restaurants in town Sushi Sams. Julie, Brian and Louie took the train from the city and met Felicia, Stephanie, Toby and I at the restaurant. We had a great time catching up.

  • Julie and Stephanie

  • Felicia and Louie

  • Alan and Kelly

  • Kelly and Felicia

  • Brian, Julie, Steph, Toby, Alan, Kelly

  • Cheers!

  • Toby and Alan... what is that on the table!

  • Felicia, Louie, Brian, Julie, Steph, Toby, Alan, and Kel

  • Outside the restaurant.

  • Toby and Alan