February 11

Sheila’s Birthday Celebration

We celebrate Sheila's birthday a day early at Tim and Patty's home in San Carlos. Toby and I arrive first coming directly from work, soon came the rest of the family. We had lasagna and salad for dinner and cheese and cracker appetizers. Some of the gifts included wooden 'letter blocks' to spell out phrases and a wine barrel candle holder. We all had a fun evening celebrating Sheila's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • "Play" fighting in the back room.

  • Relaxing this Friday with a glass of white wine

  • Is that Charley?

  • I think that's Olivia!

  • Rob and Moira

  • Didn't realize how small Georgia was

  • Martha and Steve

  • Getting the cake ready.

  • Happy Birthday to you...

  • Sheila with her kids

  • Time to open gifts.

  • The set of wooden blocks

  • We gave the wine barrel candle holder. Purchased at Korbel Winery in Napa

  • Me with the boys: Cameron, Spencer and Charley.

  • Toby with his nephews: Cameron and Charley.