February 12

Dad’s 73rd Birthday Celebration

We celebrate Dad's 73rd birthday on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon. We all meet at my parents house, Andrew/Rose and Toby/I arrive before they do. My parents attended a surprise birthday lunch party for Sally in Salinas earlier that day. We hung out in the garage playing with race cars Cedric built for the boy scouts. Once my sister and my parents arrive we soon left for Los Banos and Espana Restaurant, a Mexican restaurant in a historic building. My birthday gift to my dad was dinner. After dinner we opened up gifts at the house and had cake with ice cream... yum. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.

  • Colin and Cedric racing cars

  • Colin with Rose

  • Me and my Barong shirt posing with mom and Colin

  • Trying on my Barong Tagalog shirt

  • Racing cars in the garage

  • Toby and Colin

  • Enjoying my Cadillac margarita at Espana Restaurant in Los Banos

  • Toby and Alan

  • Andrew and Rose sharing a blended margarita

  • Cheers!

  • Celebrating Dad's birthday at Espana

  • Are those 'glasses'?

  • At home, Dad openng his gifts.

  • It's cake time!

  • Cedric blows ALL the candles out in on blow!

  • The 'MEN'!

  • The family

  • The family???

  • Parents with the siblings

  • The grandparents and their grandkids

  • Dad and Mom

  • Janell and her nephew Colin