February 13

Redondo Beach

On the last of the 'sunny' days we head to the coast to Half Moon Bay. We first try the beach just south of the Ritz Carlton but there was no parking in their lot, so we went to Redondo Beach just north of the hotel, there we found ample parking and a huge quiet beach. The sun peeked out between the clouds which made the temps pleasant to sit and relax on the sand.

  • The clouds open up to some warm sun.

  • View of Pillar Point where the Maverick's competition is viewed.

  • Don't get wet

  • Stolling on the beach

  • Toby in the classic "X" jump pose.

  • The "Bend Knee" jump pose

  • The difficult sideway jump

  • Soaking in some sun

  • The blue sky revealed itself through intermittent clouds

  • Toby

  • Alan