February 20

Long Ridge Open Preserve

On a fairly chilly Sunday during the long President's Day weekend, we went for a hike at Long Ridge Open Preserve along Skyline Blvd Along the coast range just north of Castle Rock.

The previous day was cold and the showers brought snow to the upper elevations around the Bay Area. We drove up Page Mill Road to Skyline approaching the snow level. Along Skyline were numerous patches of snow. Once we arrived at the trailhead, we were second guessing attempting the hike in cool temps, but we decided to see how far we could go before succumbing to the cold. We ended up doing most of the hike. Just the act of hiking warmed us up. The Peter's Creek trail portion was real pretty, green and lush. We walked on Long Ridge Trail up to the viewpoint overlooking the redwood forests of Butano State Park. We could even see the Pacific Ocean.

On our drive home we stopped at the vista point on Skyline Blvd. which had clear views of the entire Bay Area. You could see the snow capped peaks of Mt. Diable and the higher hills of the South Bay.

  • Snow capped hilltops

  • We pull off Skyline to get close to the snow

  • Toby by a snowcovered fence

  • The start of our Long Ridge hike, can you tell it's cold???

  • Soaking in some warm sun

  • Toby breathing in some cool crisp air

  • Moss covered trees along Peter's creek

  • A large portion of the hike was in dense forest

  • Interesting white berries

  • A bridge crosses Peter's creek

  • A bridge crosses Peter's creek

  • The water was flowing good in Peter's creek

  • The mossy lush forest along Peter's creek

  • This portion of the hike was very pretty

  • I should make this into a puzzle

  • Every now and then patches of snow would appear

  • Walking on the Long Ridge trail

  • Open meadows were often covered in snow

A panorama taken from the Wallace Stegner bench at the top of Long Ridge trail, looking south east over the Butano Redwood forest. The Pacific ocean can be seen on the far right. (image opens in separate window, double click image in new window to view full size)

  • The end of our hike afforded great views

  • The Wallace Stegner bency, she help create this preserve

  • Ahh, what a view

  • Toby and Alan at Long Ridge trail

  • The Pacific ocean in the distant background

  • Such a grand sweeping view of the coast range

  • Toby!

  • FWEE

  • The unique 'sitting' jump

  • View of San Francisco from the vista point on Skyline

A very wide panorama of the entire Bay Area taken from the vista point along Skyline blvd. The view spans from Marin county all the way to the snow capped mountains of the south bay. (image opens in separate window, double click image in new window to view full size)