March 26

OMD Concert in Oakland

We see 80's syth-pop group O.M.D. (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) at the Fox Theater in Oakland. The groups music is synonymous with 80's culture and movies. Songs such as "If You Leave" were used in the "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack.

Brent, Carolyn and I have seen OMD in the 80's when they opened for Depeche Mode at the Shoreline Theater during their "Crush" tour.

This evening Brent and Laurie met us at the cottage and Toby drove us to Oakland. There we met up with Joy, Mary and Carolyn at the Lucas Taproom and Lounge a few blocks away from the theater. We had early reservations so we had a leisurely meal which allowed us to catch up. We arrived at the theater during the opening act and then found our seats in the Mezzanine during the break. Once OMD took the stage the old 80's concert aura took over me, I had a great time. The group performed primarily songs from the 80's with a couple of their current songs sprinkled in. They ended their encore with their first single "Electricity". The show was fun and nostolgic, we all had a great time.

  • Dinner at Lucas Taproom and Lounge in Oakland

  • I had to try their chocolate sundae

  • We walk to the Fox theater a few blocks away

  • The facade of this classic theater

  • The ornate marquee at the Fox

  • Hanging out before the show

  • Hanging out before the show

  • Toby and Alan at our seats in the mezzanine row K

  • Alan and Brent

  • The interior of the theater in a red and blue glow

  • OMD performs!

  • This tour is comprised of the original four members of OMD

  • Andy McCluskey on vocals

  • We run into Jeffrey and his friend Shun

  • Alan, Toby, Laurie, Brent, Joy, Carolyn, Mary