April 16

Aaliyah’s 2nd Birthday

We celebrate Aaliyah's second birthday at Victoria and Romarr's home in Oakley. We meet up with the family on a Saturday afternoon for an intimate affair with just the immediate family. We had yummy tacos for dinner. Aaliyah's birthday is April 14th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AALIYAH!

  • Toby and Aaliyah

  • Trying to get Aaliyah to smile!

  • Aaliyah with her grand uncle

  • Victoria chopping tomatos for our tacos

  • Dad wishes this was his bike, but it's the neighbors across the street

  • Aaliyah in the backyard

  • Aaliyah with her great grand ma

  • Victoria with her neice Jennifer, Aaliyah and mom

  • Finally got a smile as Aaliyah hides under the dining room table

  • Victoria with her grandmother Rhonda

  • Time to open the gifts, this one from her grand uncle Alan and Toby

  • Aaliyah reading one of the books I gave her

  • Cute glasses!

  • A box full of fairies

  • Wow what a large gift!

  • Mom and daughter

  • Dora the Explorer inspired cake

  • Romarr helps Aaliyah blow out her birthday candles

  • Me and Victoria

  • Alan, Victoria, Mom and Andrew