April 30

Birthday Celebration for Toby, Louie and Chris

We celebrate the birthday celebrations for the Spring birthdays: Toby (4/2), Chris (5/2), Louie (5/24). We meet up for dinner at Town restaurant in downtown San Carlos. I started the evening following Brian's lead of a cucumber martini. We then had a wonderful dinner where our end of the table all had the exact same fish dish. The restaurant had three bred pudding cakes with candles for the birthday boys. Jules/Steph also brought individual bundt cakes to commemorate the birthdays. It's always a blast meeting up with everyone! Happy Birthday!

  • Birthday boys: Toby and Louie

  • Cheers!

  • Alan and Jules with our cucumber martinis (note mine is empty)

  • Stephanie and Toby

  • Felicia, Louie, Chris, Kelly and Ben

  • Stephanie, Toby, Alan, Jules and Brian

  • Stephanie gives Toby an orchid

  • Louie's 'too hot' birthday card (with working fan!)

  • Toby and Kelly

  • Louie blowing out his birthday candle

  • Louie about to head off on the bike back to SF