May 25

Glee! Live

One of my favorite shows this past year has to be Glee! This group of talented 'high school glee club' performed numerous songs from this past season. This year's tour expanded to numerous cities based on the sold out numbers from last year's tour of just three cities. I met up with Brent, Laurie, Joy, Mary and Keith at Amici's downtown San Jose for a pre-concert dinner. We entered the venue just minutes before the opening 'dance' troop performed. The show was a lot of fun, full of song and dance... just like the television show.

Set list for Glee Live 2011 San Jose show:
Don't Stop Believing' - Group
Dog Days are Over - Group
Sing - Group
Slave 4 U - Brittney
Fat Bottomed Girls - Puck
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Ain't No Way
Born This Way - Group
Firework - Rachel
Teenage Dream - Warblers
Silly Love Song - Warblers
Raise Your Glass - Warblers
Happy Days / Get Happy - Curt and Rachel
Lucky - Quinn and Sam
River Deep, Mountain High
Don't Rain on my Parade
Jessie's Girl
Valerie - Santana
Loser Like Me - Group
Single Ladies - Curt
Friday - the guys
Safety Dance - Artie
Empire State of Mind - Group
Somebody to Love - Group

  • Joy, Keith, Laurie, Brent, Janet, Toshie, Alan waiting in line

  • Joy, Mary, Keith, Brent, and Laurie at our seats in section 114

  • Alan and Joy

  • Guys wearing Glee inspired home made shirts

  • The view from our seats

  • A video of Sue explaining the Cheerio barf bags

  • The opening song is Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"

  • The opening song is Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"

  • Curt performing "I want to Hold Your Hand"

  • Mercedes singing "Ain't No Way"

  • Singing Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"

  • Kurt and rachel singing "Happy Days / Get Happy"

  • The Warblers singing "Teenage Dream"

  • Kurt performing the Single Ladies Dance

  • Mary, Joy and Alan after the show