July 8

Billy Elliot the Musical

On a Friday after work Toby and I head up to the city for dinner and a show. We see the hit Broadway Musical: Billy Elliot. We meet up with Julie, Ginger, Louie and Christopher for dinner at Puccini & Pinetti in Union Square area. After dinner we walk over to the Orpheum for the show where we sat in the Loge level, Row B. The show was fantastic and the kids were talented beyond belief. Fun musical... makes you want to dance!

  • Julie and Ginger at Puccini & Pinetti

  • Toby and Alan

  • Julie, Ginger

  • Everyone! Louie, Julies, Ginger, Toby, Alan and Christopher

  • Outside the restaurant

  • Louie and Christopher riding the bikes home after dinner

  • Outside the Orpheum

  • Outside the Orpheum

  • Billy Elliott flying high (courtesy Billy Elliott)

  • Talented kids in this production (courtesy Billy Elliott)