August 6

Charley and Georgia’s Hangar Party

We celebrate Charley's 13th and Georgia's 7th birthday at the Hangar in San Carlos! We enjoy pizza and wine and dancing the "Electric Slide"!

  • Hangar 8

  • Emily zipping by on her scooter

  • It's a race from one end to the other! Who one?

  • Alan and Gretchen

  • Sheila, Jim and Charlie

  • Alan, Cameron and Nina

  • Tim and Cathy

  • Pizza and salad time

  • Hanging out at the Hangar

  • Jim's plane decorated for the event

  • Emily, Olivia and Gretchen doing the Electric Slide

  • Toby and Kathy

  • Charley's " Annoying Orange" cake

  • Georgia's birthday cake

  • Happy 13th Birthday Charley! Wow a teenager

  • Happy 7th Birthday Georgia

  • Georgia enjoying a slice of her cake

  • Toby and Gretchen zipping around on the scooters

  • Striking a pose on the scooter