August 11

Camerons’s 10th Birthday

We celebrate Cameron's 10th Birthday at the Darcy's home in San Martin. Nina makes a fabulous meal starting with home made guacamole and salsa. For dinner we had beef, chicken and vegetable tamales. The family had a fun time playing games like Blitz and 'The Word Game". Later that evening Cameron blew out candles from his cake then opened up his gifts. Happy 10th Birthday Cameron!!!

  • Georgia's hand made birthday card for Cameron

  • Charley's birthday card to Cameron

  • Guess who's birthday!

  • It was a beautiful day outside looking over the lawn in the backyard

  • Strolling through the backyard

  • We felt like we were in a cty park

  • Kathy 'acting' out a word in the Word Game

  • Where is the olive for your martini?

  • Martha acting out 'Will you Marry Me?'

  • Me trying desparetly to remember the words as Toby gives me clues

  • Tim acting out "Run of the Mill"

  • Out by the firepit

  • My second martini

  • Nina serving some wonderful Mexican food

  • Toby and Alan before eating our meal

  • Cameron's birthday carrot cake

  • Martha brings the birthday cake to the birthday boy!

  • Serving the birthday cake

  • Woops! A slice of cake dives into a gift bag!

  • Martha fishes out the cake from the gift bag

  • Speaking of fish! Are these fish hats?