August 13

Stephanie’s Birthday

We celebrate a belated birthday for Stephanie at her home in Sunnyvale. We have a BBQ luncheon, we bring kabobs, Felicia made pasta salad and Julie brought the cake. It was nice catching up, spending time together, playing with Sunny and checking out Felicia's new car!

  • Julie and Sunny

  • A very pregnant Stephanie, girl due next month.

  • Alan and his margarita!

  • Toby and Steph in the shade in the backyard

  • Stephanie and Julie

  • Sunny, Julie, Alan and Felicia

  • Stephanie, Julie, Alan and Felicia

  • Bryan, Stephanie, Julie, Alan and Toby

  • Sunny helping put candles on the birthday cake

  • Julie found a lighter!

  • Shouldn't there be WAY more candles

  • Happy Birthday to you!

  • Stephanie and her gifts

  • Uncle Louie's gift for Sunny

  • Chilling after a yummy white cake with strawberries

  • Chilling after a yummy white cake with strawberries

  • Felicia's new rockin BMW convertible! with RED interior!