August 27 - 29

West Hollywood and Six Flags Magic Mountain

On a hot August weekend I visit Fred in Hollywood and also spend time with Rich and Kit in Valencia and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Saturday late morning I ddrive 5.5 hours from Menlo Park to Hollywood without any issues, arriving an hour earlier than I told Fred. It was over 90 degress in Hollywood when we arrived. That evening we went to dinner at Hugo's on Santa Monica Blvd. where we saw Jeff Goldblum dining alone. Afterwards we walked to yogurt and later to the popular nightclub, The Abbey.

Sunday we had brunch at Hedley's in West Hollywood. That afternoon I said goodbye to Fred and heading north toward Valencia to check into the Embassy Suites and meet up with Rich and Kit who drove up from San Diego. We relaxed that afternoon before hitting the pool and later happy hour. That evening we went to downtown Valencia and dined at Bucca di Beppo.

Monday we took full advantage of the breakfast spread before going to the park. It was another HOT day in Valencia with temperatures soaring around the century mark. Lucky for us the park was very empty and there were NO lines on any coasters. We first hit the new coaster, "The Green Lantern"! We were able to hit the major coasters in a very short time. The only lines we encountered were for the water rides like the popular 12 seat raft ride (which we got SOAKED!) We left that park around 3:30pm, much earlier than their 6pm closing time. I was on the road by 4pm and heading home. I stopped by parents for a quick dinner beore heading back home to the Bay Area.

  • Fred at Hugo's restaurant in West Hollywood

  • Me and Fred at The Abbey

  • Rainbow flags adorn West Hollywood

  • Me and Fred at his apartment

  • Kit cooling at the pool at the Embassy Suites in Valencia

  • Me and Kit at the pool

  • Me and Kit at the pool

  • Kit and Rich during Happy Hour

  • Enjoying my gin and tonic during Happy Hour

  • Rich and Kit at Bucca di Beppo

  • Me and my merlot

  • At Bucca di Beppo

  • Relaxing in the hot tub after dinner

  • Relaxing in the hot tub after dinner

  • Me and Kit ready to enter the park

  • Just rode the new coaster, Green Lantern

  • Me and Kit on Apocolypse

  • Me and Kit on Goliath

  • Petunia the Pig, me and Bugs Bunny

  • Cooling off on the Log Jammer