September 22

BATS Improv

Our User Experience department had a day of team building at the BATS Improv in Fort Mason in San Francisco. BATS (Bay Area Theater Sports) is an improv theater which also has team building courses to help users think spontaneously outside the box.

Peter was the 'bus' from the South Bay and picked me up at my place in Menlo Park. Once at the theater we learned various techniques and 'games' in improve... "I'm a TREE", and if you're stuck just pull out an imaginary tissue and yell "Again!"

After the full day of improv we walked to dinner at ISA in the Marina where we had a wonderful French inspired dinner.

  • Keriann telling us a story

  • Beginning of I'm a TREE excercise

  • I'm a TREE...

  • Dinner at Isa

  • Dinner at Isa

  • Katie is framed