September 24

Sound of Music Sing-A-Long

Fred and I attend this year's "Sound of Music Sing-A-Long" at the Hollywood Bowl.

I leave work early to catch a mid afternoon flight from San Jose to Los Angeles. I forgot I had a pocket knife in my backpack from camping earlier in the month and had that confiscated. The American Airlines flight was uneventful and the airports were fairly light, the perfect time to fly out. Once I arrive in LAX Fred picks me. That evening we get caught up with life before having dinner at Tender Greens restaurant in West Hollywood. We later stop by Trader Joes to get snacks for the event.

Saturday morning was casual as Fred ran errands and I relaxed at the apartment. We then had lunch with Mark at Green Leaves Vegan in West Hollywood. Then we walked to Subway to get sandwiches to bring with us for the show.

As the afternoon approached we got ready for the show packing up various food items to bring. We then drove through heavy traffic to a parking lot south of Hollywood Blvd. It was a bit of a walk uphill to the venue but we were away from the heavy parking traffic at the Bowl. Once we arrived at the Bowl I was sweaty mess and we were slightly late for the beginning of the costume contest, but we easily found our seats and began to relax to enjoy the evening.

The evenings host, Melissa Peterman, was joined by Charmain Carr, the actress that played Liesel in the movie. From 6pm to 7:30pm there were a constant stream of contestants in the costume contest, all portraying various aspects of the movie. Most of the entrees were children. Some dressed up as 'brown paper packages tied up with strings' to the puppets in the puppet show. The most original costume won... five kids dressed up as gold Oscars each titled with what the movie won that year. A little girl opened up an envelope and read off the movies winning categories. After the winner was announced the stage was joined by all the actesseses who portrayed all the girls in the movie: Charmain Carr (Liesl), Heather Menzies Urich (Louisa), Angela Cartwright (Brigitta), Debbie Turner (Marta), and Kym Karath (Gretl). Then the movie started at 7:30 and the singing began. The night was filled with fun and laughter, audience particiation and exhuberant singing. After the event we walked downhill (whew) back to our car bypassing the mass traffic jam out of the Bowl.

On Sunday Marc came to join us for brunch at Joey's Cafe in West Hollywood. We had a nice time relaxing outside enjoying a nice meal. Early afternoon Fred drove me to the airport where I caught a mid afternoon flight back to San Jose.

I had a fun weekend enjoying my favorite musical of all time... "The Sound of Music"

  • Alan and Fred at Green Leaves

  • Alan and Fred at Green Leaves

  • Mark and Alan at Green Leaves

  • Outside the Hollywood Bowl for the sold out show

  • Debbie Peterman in the ball gown joined by Charmain Carr

  • Me at the Hollywood Bowl

  • Evening arrives at the sold out venue

  • Alan and Fred at the Bowl

  • The costume contest finalist

  • Debbie behind the winning entry.. the Oscar winners

  • The Von Trapp girls from the movie

  • Let the singing begin...

  • The audience awash in lights while singing Edelweiss

  • Fred and Mark at Joey's Cafe

  • Mark and Alan at Joey's Cafe

  • Marc, Mark and Fred at Joey's Cafe

  • Now all of us at Joey's Cafe