October 2

Castro Street Fair

Sunday we head up for an afternoon at the Castro Street Fair. Kelly rides up with us to the BART where we catch the MUNI to the fair. While at the fair we meet up with Julie.

By this time it the fair was busy with performances at various stages, music everywhere and shoppers strolling along the numerous booths that lined Castro. We weather was unusally warm for what we expected with mostly sunny skies. We made a walk up Castro before deciding it was time for a late lunch, so we went to Ike's Sandwiches on 16th street away from the crowds. Kelly wanted to try out this popular establishment. Once we got our sandwiches we walked over to Dolores Park where we sat on the grass. By this time in the afternoon more clouds were streaming overhead and the temperature dropped significantly. At least we all were prepared with sweaters.

After our lunch we heard from Louie so we headed back into the fair were we met up with Louie and Jeffrey by the large outdoor dance area across the street from Badlands. On our stroll we stopped to spin the wheel at the Guy Spy booth where I won a free album download. (Jake Tanner was manning the booth). We also ran into Marty and 'Keri Hanna' in front of the JumpClickClick photography.

As the weather got cooler and cloudier it was time to go, it took a while to catch the "F" street car back to the Civic Center. And once at the BART station we had to wait a long time for the Millbrae train to arrive. But we eventually made it back home. It was festive day catching up with friends.

  • The flag at Castro

  • Toby, Julie and Kelly strolling the booths

  • Kelly, Alan and Toby outside the Castro theater

  • Alan and Julie with cosmopolitans

  • Looking down the crowded Castro

  • Alan and Toby


  • Kelly, Julie and Toby

  • Julie, Kelly and Alan

  • Julie, Alan and Toby

  • And now all four of us

  • SF Cheer performs for the crowd

  • One of the Gus Presents crew working the crowds

  • Eating our Ike's Sandwich at Dolores Park

  • The dance area across from Badlands

  • Meet up with Louie and Jeffrey

  • Louie, Kelly, Jeffrey, Toby and Alan

  • Keri Hanna and me

  • Walking Julie to her bus stop