October 29

Mount Madonna

The big camping weekend started Friday night at Mount Madonna park in the hills just west of Gilroy but Toby and I went down just for the day.

Toby picked up his mom earlier that morning for the day trip. When we arrived at the Tan Oaks campsite everyone had gone on a seven mile hike except for Tim. Toby and I hung out at the campsite before deciding to hike on the trails toward the ruins of cattle baron Henry Miller's summer home. By the time we arrived back from our hike the rest of the group had returned from the big hike. Kathy and Tim had decorated the site with Happy Birthday decorations.

Later that afternoon Toby and I borrowed the bikes and rode around the campgrounds where we found an enclosed heard of while deer. These deer are survivors from the Henry Miller estate. They were unafraid of guest and walked right up to us. That evening we had a delicious rib and corn dinner by the fireside. Toby then presented me with delicious birthday cake.

After all the fun and excitement it was time for us to hit the dark road back home. We had a fun day exploring and an evening relaxing at this local gem of a park.

  • The Tan Oaks campground

  • The campground shaded by redwood trees

  • Clovers cover the ground along the Tan Oaks trail

  • An field of clovers

  • The Tan Oaks trail meanders through the trees

  • Thick trees cover the hilltop

  • Ferns also line the trail

  • The trail was quiet, no one else was hiking

  • FWEE

  • Ruins of Henry Miller's summer home

  • These windows provided perfect photo opps

  • These windows provided perfect photo opps

  • Remnants of old steps

  • Looking up at the tall grove of redwoods

  • A small snake crosses the path

  • Hiking back the Tan Oaks trail

  • Can't tell from the picture but parts of the trail were steep

  • Me and my shadow

  • Hiking back to camp

  • Pretty lighting amoungst the trees

  • My red sweater really sticks out

  • Toby hanging out by a redwood

  • Smile!

  • Up on a tree limb

  • A huge banana slug crosses our path

  • Patty rests after their 7 mile hike

  • Toby and Kathy hanging out by the campfire

  • Can the flames be any higher

  • Everyone relaxing after the long hike

  • Ice cream frozen in a block of ice

  • Emily and Georgia chopping away at an exposed root

  • White fallow deer from asia were held in enclosed areas

  • These deer are descendants from the Henry Miller days

  • These deer were so friendly and greeted everyone

  • A white buck was held in a separate area

  • Jim, Steve and Tim relaxing by the fire

  • Tim, Patty and Emily

  • Steve, Martha, Sheila, Georgia and Jim

  • Toby brings up a birthday cake

  • The ice cream for the cake didn't stay frozen however

  • Kathy and her grandkids

  • Happy Birthday cards!