Month Day

A Night Out in the City

I meet up with Felicia, Louie and Kelly for a night out in the City. We first meet up at Louie's place in Cole Valley in the City where we have a couple of drinks while chatting with Louie's friend Brett who stopped by. After our drinks we headed down to the Castro where we first stopped at the Eureka Lounge for some appetizers (chicken livers and pate) and drinks before dinner. We decided to head over to the Sausage Factory for an Italian dinner where we split a large pizza. Felicia had the linguine and clams. To work off our meal we headed to Badlands to dance the night away (and yes... a few more drinks!)

  • Brett, Felicia and Louie

  • Kelly and Louie at Eureka Lounge

  • Alan and Felicia at Eureka Lounge

  • Kelly, Alan and Louie at Eureka Lounge

  • Dinner at the Sausage Factory

  • We just entered Badlands

  • We hit the dance floor

  • Me and Kelly

  • The crowded dance floor at Badlands

  • Felicia and I dancing away

  • Kelly, Felicia and I getting into our groove

  • Felicia, Louie and I... boy it's getting HOT in here

  • The gang at Badlands

  • Cooling off outside of the bar

  • Kelly and Alan

  • Felicia and I