December 17

Weil Holiday Party at the Flood Mansion

After three years Toby's company, Weil, had a holiday party. The event was held at the historic Flood Mansion in Pacific Heights in San Francisco. It took us over an hour to get to the city with traffic but we were not too late. A reception was held in the Adams Room on the right of the entrance door. The Grand Hall was draped off before dinner was ready. The event had a quartet, an open bar, and numerous food stations spread through out the Grand Hall and adjoining Reception Room. The curved back portico had a wonderful view overlooking San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Getting ready at home

  • The Grand Hall at Flood Mansion

  • The back curved window that overlooks the bay

  • The Grand Hall where food was served and the band played

  • The back of the Grand Hall area

  • The coifered ceiling of the Reception Room where we ate

  • The front

  • By the fireplace in the Adams Room where the beginning reception was held

  • Toby, Susanne and I

  • Outside the Flood Mansion

  • Thanks for a wonderful event