December 24 - 26


Happy Holidays! This Christmas was full of memorable moments with the family at my parents home in the Central Valley.

Day 1 - Friday, December 23

After work on Friday, Toby and I celebrate Christmas at home in Menlo Park

  • At home in our cottage and our little Charlie Brown tree

  • Toby opening up his gifts

Day 2 - Saturday, December 24

Early Saturday I load my car full of Christmas gifts and hit the road to my parents home out in the Central Valley. Traffic south was managable and I arrived before noon. My sister was already there. Later that afternoon the Fremont clan arrived and the family was together. Before church at 5pm we celebrated Rose' birthday (Dec 22). Due to Colin's illness my mom stayed at home with Colin while the rest of us attended Christmas Mass at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Los Banos. We did plan on going out to dinner at EspaƱa after mass but went back home to be with Mom and Colin and have lunch left overs for dinner. Later that evening we opened up our gifts. Colin wasn't feeling well that evening and was asleep for most of the night and didn't participate.

  • Andrew strumming the ukelele while Janell dyes her hair

  • Testing the camera

  • Rose celebrating her birthday before church

  • Blowing out her birthday candles

  • Rose opening up her gifts. I give her a Macy's gift card

  • More gifts for Rose

  • Andrew, Janell, and Rose home after church

  • Janell and I after church

  • Time for lychee martinis!

  • Cedric opening up his gifts

  • Cedric with the gifts I bought him

  • The Disney World shirt I bought for Cedric

  • Rose opening up her gifts. I give her the Calvin Klein perfume collection

  • Rose with a venison cookbook for all the deer Andrew will hunt

  • Me with the Ogio bag from Fred

  • Andrew and his Ebay gift card gifts

  • More gifts for Andrew

  • Janell opening up her gifts

  • I gift my sister the Clinique bag

  • AAA membership and car toolkit from parents

  • Chicka's new holiday outfit

  • I give mom "The Help"

  • More gifts from mom. I also give mom pillows

  • Dad and Chicka

  • Dad opening up his gifts. I give him Bass Pro gift card

  • Cedric playing with the gift I give him

The Galindez Calendar for 2012

Day 3 - Sunday, Christmas December 25

Christmas started off chilly, Mom and Dad woke up early to prepare all the food for the holidays. Colin's condition seemed to be getting worse with difficulty beathing, and it was decided to better take him to ER in Los Banos. Andrew and Rose brought them ER. Back at the house we prepared all the food while worrying about Colin's situation. Rose kept us updated on his condition and the various steps required to help improve his breathing, at one point it was decided to admit him to a hospital in the Bay Area. During the time to figure out his transfer via ambulence Colin's condition was improving. Soon the transfer was cancelled, he underwent one more treatment before being released. The somber mood of the morning was suddenly brightened with that news. They were back home a little after noon.

By noon my parents friend Mary Lou and her husband Fernando from Los Banos stopped by. Also arriving were my relatives from Sacramento: Joey and his partner Peter; Romel and his daughter Neyne. The afternoon was fun and full of laughter. Later that afternoon Colin was able to open up his gifts.

That evening after the house quieted down Cedric treated us to a singing showcase of various tunes like Taio Cruz "Dynamite".

  • Colin opens up one gift before heading to ER

  • A picture that Rose sent from the ER in Los Banos

  • Chicka in her pink coat... so cute

  • Once Colin was released he was able to open up his Christmas gifts

  • The Disney World sweater I bought Colin

  • Dad and I with our Sacramento relatives the Serencios

  • Mom with her Golden Agers friends: Mary Lou and Fernando

  • The house was full of activity

  • Christmas Day group photo

  • The Fremont Clan

  • The Sacramento family

  • The evening show was Cedric singing

Day 3 - Monday, December 26

Monday was the final day of this extended Christmas celebration. Today Romarr, Victoria and Aaliyah drove down from Oakley. The Bato family drove up from Soledad. More holiday festivities, eating and laughter occurred. Rose cooked up pancit for the day. Mid afternoon more gifts were exchanged. Once all the packages were put away we played with the new remote controlled vehicles out on the street.

Later that evening after the guests have departed we had dinner with the left overs and then it was time to pack up the car and head back home. I had a memorable Christmas full of love and laughter. Merry Christmas eveyone.

  • The "Bar" with various ingredients to make lychee martini

  • Girl photo! Cheers!

  • Playing pool in the backyard

  • Monday group photo

  • Mom and Dad with their grand and great grand kids

  • The Pitchers

  • The Batos

  • The Fremont Clan

  • The Fremont Clan

  • The Galindez siblings

  • I got you!

  • Roni and Aaliyah

  • Jarrett with Chicka

  • Romarr opening up his gifts

  • Angelica gets some hot chili

  • Aaliyah opening up her gifts

  • I get Aaliyah various Disney related gifts

  • Is this Aaliyah's first computer?

  • Cedric gets clothing, his favorite

  • I give Victoria the Elder wand, the wand that rules them ALL

  • Victoria also gets a family calendar

  • Chicka in her new snuggie

  • Merry Christmas Aaliyah!