January 20-22


Tony invites us along with a few friends for a weekend at his family compound up in Redway, south of Eureka in Northern California. Those who attended were Toby and I, Kelly, Jeffrey and his partner Bryce, Tony's partner Petey, Petey's co-worker Cathy, and Tony's friend Anthony. The nine of us had a fun time in the cozy cabin despite the wet weekend.

Toby, Kelly and I took Friday off from work so we could drive up in the morning. We left Menlo Park around 9am. The weather was overcast and it constantly rained the entire 4+ hour drive up north. We stopped at Owl Cafe in Cloverdale, about half way, for lunch. We arrived in Redway shortly after Jeffrey and Bryce at around 2:30pm. Tony and Anthony arrived Thursday evening to get the house ready. Later that evening Petey and Cathy arrived via car.

Toby, Kelly and I stayed in the cabin outside the main house. That Friday night Tony made a yummy spaghetti and meatball dinner. Late that night we socialized while watching movies on TV. Saturday brought clearer dry skies which was perfect for our drive to Ferndale. Jeffrey and Bryce made an eggs/bacon breakfast. We drove along the Avenue of the Giants, stopped for photos before heading to Ferndale. We strolled along Main Street in the quaint quiet town and checking out various shops and galleries. We checkout the uniqu entrees to the Kenetic Sculpture Race. We then had lunch at the Lost Coast Cafe. On our drive back to Redway we stopped at the Bigfoot store and had drinks at the bar in Benbow Inn. That evening Toby, Kelly and I made salmon, risotto and string beans dinner. After dinner we watched "Bridesmaids".

Sunday morning saw the return of the rainy weather. Jeffrey and Bryce made blueberry pancake breakfast with hashbrowns and sausage. We then gathered up our belongings and packed up the car. We bid adieu to our gracious host Tony and thanked him for a wonderful weekend getaway. We were on the road before noon and drove almost non-stop home to Menlo Park. It rained most of the drive home but made it back in time for the beginning of the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and Giants (we lost in OT!).

Thanks Tony for a wonderful weekend, we had a great time hanging out with friends and making new friends.

  • Heading north over a wet Golden Gate Bridge

  • Asti Winery just south of Cloverdale (closed!)

  • Lunch at Owl Cafe in Cloverdale

  • Driving through Richardson Grove in Garberville

  • The Giorgi Cabin viewed from the small cabin

  • The full flowing Eel River from the recent rains

  • Toby and Tony

  • Bryce, Jeffrey and Kelly

  • It's ME!

  • Saturday morning breakfast spread

  • Morning photos: Kelly, Bryce, Jeffrey, Petey, Tony, Anthony, Alan

  • Tony's photo: Bryce, Jeffrey, Petey, Tony, Alan, Anthony, Toby, Cathy

  • Same group but from my camera... SMILE!

  • Sun shining over the Eel River as seen from the cabin

  • Anthony and Tony on the balcony

  • Tony and Petey

  • Tony, Petey and Kelly

  • Look up at the tall redwoods in Avenue of the Giants

View of the Eel River as seen from the second floor balcony. The cabin on the left is where we stayed.

  • Group photo in the Avenue of the Giants

  • Bryce and Jeffrey

  • Looking down Main Street in Ferndale

  • Group photo outside the mocha shop

  • Tony's photo taken in the Lost Creek Cafe in Ferndale

  • Anthony at the Ferndale Arts Gallery

  • A mannequin from a kenetic sculpture race entree

  • A mannequin from a kenetic sculpture race entree

  • The Gingerbread Mansion (closed)

  • The picturesque Church of the Assumption in Ferndale

  • A totem pole at Legends of Bigfoot store in Garberville

  • Toby and Alan at the Benbow Inn

  • Having a Sapphire and Tonic at Benbow Inn

  • Alan, Kelly, Cathy and Anthony at Benbow Inn

  • Benbow Inn: Tony, Toby, Jeffrey, Alan, Bryce and Petey

  • Kelly making Risotto for dinner

  • Our salmon dinner spread

  • Returning our cabin back to the original state before our departure