February 12

Sheila’s Birthday

We celebrate Sheila's birthay in San Mateo. The family gathers for a yummy chicken cacciatore and salad. After Sheila blows out the candles on her cake she opens up the various gifts from the family. Happy Birthday Sheila!

  • Martha prepares the salad for dinner

  • Jim and Sheila

  • Kathy and Moira

  • Grethen and Joe

  • Emily showing us some interesting dance moves

  • Blooming tree in Betty's backyard

  • Flowering quince in Bettys backyard

  • This remind you of a Disney movie?

  • Gretchen and Toby

  • Grethcen, Toby and Martha

  • Grethen lighting up the birthday candles

  • ... Happy Birthday to You...

  • The family gathers in the dining room for gifts

  • The family gathers in the dining room for gifts

  • Sheila opens up Charley's card

  • Lovely 'workout attire' birthday card

  • Naked?

  • Toby's handmade birthday card

  • Joe and Gretchen

  • Patty and Alan

  • Alan and Toby

  • Tim and Alan

  • Patty and Tim