February 17-19

West Coast Bash - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Jim and I attend this year's West Coast Bash - the Magic Mountain portion only. (not the Knott's Berry Farm half).

I take Friday off from work and head down to my parents house. Jim drove from Santa Cruz and met me there. After having lunch with my parents we pack up my car and I drove down to Valencia, a four hour drive. We check into the Hampton Inn in Santa Clarita just south of the park. That evening we head to the city center of Valencia and have dinner at the Salt Creek Cafe. We turn in early that evening since we had to wake up early on Saturday for the event.

Saturday morning we wake up early, have a quick breakfast at the hotel before heading north to Six Flags Magic Mountain. We enter the park after 8am to pick up our event package and tickets. The gates opened at 8:30am for our group. The morning ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) was on Goliath, Green Lantern, Riddler's Revenge, and Batman. Green Lantern experienced some delays during the morning ERT but it was a new credit for Jim so we waited it out. They also provided breakfast (donuts and coffee). Once the park opened at 10:30am for the GP (General Public) we headed to the back of the park and rode Apocalypse then slowly wound our way to the front toward X2, but the line for that ride was too long. We rode various attractions during the day, stopping for the event sponsored lunch before riding the new Road Runner Express coaster. We waited for the group photo and the following 2hr(!) Lex Luthor presentation and Q/A session in the theater. After the presentation Jim and I left the park for dinner at Outback Steakhouse by our hotel. Once back in the park we hit Apocalypse before heading the evening ERT began at 8pm. Once the GP started leaving the park we rode Tatsu, Revolution, Viper and finally closing the extended ERT on X2. Jim rode the very last train of the evening before leaving the park at 10:15pm. Whew what a day.

The following morning after breakfast at our hotel we hit the road and head up north on I-5 back toward my parents. Jim and I were heavily engaged in conversation and I missed the I-5 exit heading north and found myself on 99 going through Bakersfield... doh! I then had to take 58 west out of Bakersfield to head to I-5! We reached my parents around 1:30pm where we stopped for a quick lunch before heading back on the road at 2pm. I was back home in Menlo Park at around 3:30pm... whew what a trip.

  • Dinner at Salt Creek Grill

  • Waiting for the tram to pick us up

  • In the cold waiting for WCB to begin

  • Waiting for the gates to open

  • On the X2 bridge with Tatsu and Revolution in the background

  • WCB friends in front of Apocalypse

  • Ericka's coaster nails

  • Goliath!

  • Credit 'whores' on Road Runner Express

  • Jim loves his flower!

  • Me with Wonder Woman and Aquaman

  • Jim planting flowers

  • Getting set up for the group photo

  • Robb's group photo!

  • Margarita at Outback

  • Johnny and Ericka on Apocalypse

  • Robb and Ericka on Viper

  • Waiting for Tatsu front row

  • Johnny on Tatsu

  • Waiting for the front row of X2

  • Jim on one of the last X trains out