February 19

Kelly’s Birthday

Anh HongWe celebrate Kelly's birthday with a night up in San Francisco! First Kelly and Felicia meet us at the cottage where Toby drives us up to the city.

We head straight to dinner at Anh Hong Vietnamese Restaurant on Geary in San Francisco. We meet Louie who was already seated, soon we were joined by Brian and Julie. We had numerous Tsing Tao beers and for our meal Felicia ordered us their special "Bo 7 Mon" or "7 Courses of Beef" which was yummy and a lot of meat! We loved wrapping our own rolls although we wished our table was larger with all the dishes we had. After our meal we headed for dessert and gifts finally settling for Sweet Inspirations on Market Street. After gifts we head out for drinks at Moby Dick's in the Castro. We then took a cab ride back to our car in Hayes Valley and then headed home.

Hope you had a fun memorable birthday evening in the city Kel.... and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Brian and Julie at Anh Hong in San Francisco

  • The birthday boy at Anh Hong

  • I made it to the festivities! Me and Toby!

  • Julies gifts to Kelly at Sweet Inspirations

  • Julies gifts to Kelly at Sweet Inspirations

  • The special colored flame candles!

  • ... Happy Birthday to You... Happy Birthday to You...

  • Kelly blows out the colored candles

  • Me in blue

  • The gang!

  • The gang with our first drink at Moby Dicks

  • after a few to many!