March 3

Ter’s 50th Birthday Celebration

We celebrate Teri's 50th birthday at a celebration held at their home on warm winter day in Rescue, California. Earlier, Toby and I pick up Kathy in San Mateo and drive to the community of Rescue just east of Sacramento. It was my first time to Teri and Rich's home in Rescue. It was a fun evening catching up, enjoying the weather and each other's company, drinking beer, sipping margaritas and eating delicious BBQ'd food... yum! HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY TERI ! ! !

  • Rita's slide show!

  • Teri and Aunt Kathy

  • Enjoying the warm weather outside in the patio

  • Me

  • Kids getting their toes wet in pool

  • Don't jump Charley!

  • Happy 50th!

  • Cousins: Sheila, Teri, and Toby

  • Sun setting in the west from their backyard

  • Sheila and Alan

  • Rich, Toby and Teri

  • Rich, Alan and Teri