March 17

St. Patrick’s Day

We celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Jim and Sheila's home in Redwood Shores. I help Georgia and Amanda by cutting out personalized shamrocks. We were the first to arrive and then the rest of the family soon followed. The began the evening with some Irish wiskey and then a delicious traditional meal of corned beef, cabbage and soda bread. CHEERS!

  • Shamrocks

  • Cutting out shamrocks with Amanda and Georgia

  • Mike and Barbara

  • Barbara and Patty

  • Martha, Kathy and Toby

  • Kathy, Toby and Alan

  • Irish Whiskey!

  • Cheers

  • Mike and Patty

  • Alan and Mike

  • Toby and Olivia

  • Emily and Mike

  • Alan and Toby

  • Steve, Martha, Kathy, Alan and Patty

  • Steve, Martha, Kathy, Georgia and Mike with Alan and Toby in the back

  • Toby and Emily

  • Charlie play "Stairway to Heaven"