April 22

Andrew’s Birthday at Vasona Park

We celebrate Andrew's birthday at Vasona Park in a dual celebration along with his graduating class friends. Fellow classmate Jesse Medina help organize the event by reserving the Peppertree picnic area in the park.

  • View of Vasona Lake

  • Jesse assisting Colin during pin-the-tail on the donkey

  • Andrew about to toss his horse shoe

  • Jesse showing us his horseshoe moves

  • Dad taking careful aim before throwing

  • Mom in her 'kung fu' horsehoe pose

  • Cedric up a tree

  • Cedric taking cooking tips from Lolo

  • Janell snacking on healthy snacks

  • Sister-in-laws: Janell and Rose

  • Janell and Alan on the Vasona train (only $2!)

  • Colin aiming for the piñata

  • Andrew gets a rifle 'lighter' for his gift

  • Now hecan light the candles to his birthday cake

  • Playing his little guitar card

  • Now playing a real guitar

  • The Vasona Park gang!