June 3

Pool Party in Morgan Hill

Stephanie and Bryan invite us over for a pool party on a warm Sunday afternoon at their home in Morgan Hill. We also celebrate Louie's birthday during the get together. We all brought food to eat, Kelly brought meat which we BBQ'd also Spam musubi, Julie and Bryan brought vegetable dip, Felicia brought veggies for grilling and I brought fruit. We had fun despite Bryan and I getting stung by bees (me in the neck!)

  • Sunny in the jacuzzi

  • Louie and Kelly looking over Stephanie's garden

  • Rose on the arbor

  • Sunny and Louie in the jacuzzi

  • Stephanie and Sunny

  • I just got stung by a bee in the NECK

  • Louie and Sunny

  • Cooling off in the pool

  • Alan and Sunny

  • FWEE!

  • Louie and Brynn

  • Stephanie and Brynn

  • Felicia, Brynn and Stephanie

  • Try NOT to let the ball touch the water

  • Alan and Louie doing handstands in the water

  • Julie and Brynn

  • Sunny

  • Bryan brings out Louie's birthday cake

  • Sunny blowing out candles

  • Louie blowing out his birthday candles

  • Sunny and her parasol

  • Needing to reapply some lotion?

  • Brynn

  • Louie with some Kentucky bourbon

  • Louie and a solar powered iphone charger

  • Clothes!