June 9

ACE Day at the Boardwalk

Jim, Brent and I attend this year's ACE Day at the Boardwalk. That morning I pick up Brent in San Jose and we trek over the hill to Jim's place in Santa Cruz. We then walk down to the Boardwalk for the event at 10am. It was a specular sunny warm day at the beach for this event. We had one hour of ERT on the Giant Dipper prior to the ride opening to the GP at 11am. There was a luncheon and panel discussion at the Coaster Bar & Grill across the street. Then there was a tour of the new employee offices above the Haunted Castle ride. Afterwards we rode on various rides throughtout the now crowded park. We took one more ride on the Hurricane rollercoaster before it gets dismantled. We had a blast at the Boardwalk, thanks again ACE!

  • Jim and Bob's backyard oasis

  • Jim and Bob's backyard oasis

  • On the lift hill of the Giant Dipper

  • Jim and Brent's Spiderman pose

  • Bourbon straight up at the Coaster Bar & Grill event

  • The first of two gin and tonic's

  • The panel discussion at the Coaster Bar & Grill

  • Dipper's famous fanshell curve

  • Tour of the employee offices

  • Great view from the employee breakroom

  • Carousel photo in the offices

  • Waiting in line to ride the Hurricane

  • Warm day brings big crowds

  • Does he ever get off this ride?

  • Too lazy to walk to the other end of the boardwalk

  • I ride by my lonesome

  • The Dipper

  • The Dipper

  • Ready for the Cave Train Adventure (mostly for the air conditioning)

  • Brent and I on the Rock-O-Plane

  • Our melting ice cream cones

  • Dipper onride photo 1

  • Dipper onride photo 2