July 21

Pool Party in Morgan Hill

We have a pool party / belated Stephanie birthday party at her home in Morgan Hill. It was a warm toasty day with temps in the 90's... perfect pool day. I arrived first soon followed by Louie, Kelly, Brandon and Nicole. We had a fun day snacking pool side, relaxing having drinks, playing games in the pool and celebrating Steph's birthday.

  • Stephanie with 11month old Brynn

  • Having a Flat Tire before cooling off in the pool

  • Brandon, Sunny and Alan

  • Alan and Kelly

  • Sunny, Louie, Stephanie and Nicole

  • Stephanie and Alan

  • The boys: Alan, Bryan and Louie

  • He scores!

  • Relaxing day pool side in the 90+ weather

  • Forward flip in the pike position

  • Louie in the pool

  • Ah pretty sunflower

  • Touch of the tropics with this new plumeria plant

  • Don't you DARE squirt me!

  • Sunny and Stephanie

  • Poor little Filipino boy!

  • Stephanie, Sunny and Louie.

  • Kelly is the 'monkey!'

  • Sunny playing on her Leapfrog

  • Birthday cupcakes

  • Mini cupcakes too

  • The orchid I bought Steph

  • "My dog has fleas"

  • New way to spell your name Steph!